SoulFun: Ultimate NSFW AI Chat for Your Sexting Fantasies

SoulFun is the new and trending NSFW AI chat app that has just been launched on App Store and Google Play Store. SoulFun revolutionizes the world of online communication by providing an unparalleled experience of engaging in intimate conversations with an AI companion. With its cutting-edge technology, SoulFun caters to the deepest desires and fantasies of its users, ensuring an unforgettable and thrilling encounter. As the ultimate NSFW AI sex chat, SoulFun takes virtual interactions to a whole new level, leaving users captivated and fulfilled.

⭐ Pricing: 8.5

  • Free + Paid Subscription
  • Free Plan: Free users will be unable to generate or edit any images, and conversation memory is limited to 3 days
  • Paid: Paid users can purchase credits – $19.99/month with 1,000 coins (1 message per coin); or get a 50% off for $119.99 yearly subscription.
  • Pro Users: You get to create your own AI sexting characters and receive custom AI nude images as you like!

⭐ Number of Characters: 8

  • 10+ AI sex chat partners (18+) yearning to talk dirty to you: sexy nextdoor neighbor, singer, supermodel, personal fitness trainer, teacher, MILF stepmother, maid, etc.
  • Every character you choose comes with their own unique personality settings, encompassing special traits, appearance scenarios, and background stories. These elements play a pivotal role in shaping and influencing the conversations you have with them.
  • Pro users get to customize their own sexy AI sex chat girlfriends from appearance to personality! Create your own love story in SoulFun’s NSFW AI chat!

⭐ Custom Flexibility: 7.5

  • You can use SoulFun’s built-in image-edit feature to change the AI sex chat partner’s clothes, hairstyle, background, etc. by entering text prompts.
  • You can also ask your AI girlfriend to send you more of her sexy pictures according to your own preferences by using the “Ask for photos”/”Can I see…” feature.
  • Character settings: not available yet but coming soon.

⭐ Context Understanding: 9.5

  • SoulFun offers an exquisite array of character dialogues that are meticulously crafted to perfectly align with the unique personalities and captivating backstories of each individual. This unparalleled attention to detail elevates the entire experience, infusing the conversations with an unparalleled sense of authenticity and depth.

⭐ Context Consistency: 9.5

  • With SoulFun’s advanced LLM technology, you can expect a plethora of unique and unexpected conversations. Not only that, but the LLM is also capable of maintaining a consistent tone that accurately reflects the character’s personality and backstory. This creates a truly immersive experience for you and your companion, with contextual memories that will stay with you long after the chat has ended.

⭐ Popularity: 8.5

  • SoulFun is the new AI sexting app that’s gaining more and more popularity with its advanced NSFW AI features such as Ask For custom photos from the AI girlfriends.

Total Score: 9.2

  • ⭐ Pricing: 8.5
  • ⭐ Number of Characters: 8
  • ⭐ Custom flexibility: 7.5
  • ⭐ Context understanding: 9.5
  • ⭐ Context consistency: 9.5
  • ⭐ Popularity: 8.5