SoulFun: A New Level of AI Sex Chat Experience You Don’t Want To Miss

There are many products for AI Sex Chats on the market, most of them have rich categories of characters and support vivid text interaction with AI. However, few AI products like SoulFun can provide the closest sexting experience to a real-life girlfriend while fulfilling desires that might be unimaginable in reality.
SoulFun can create the smartest AI girls with lifelike appearances, captivating storylines, and perfectly simulated real-life chat scenarios, offering an unparalleled immersive experience.
Beyond text, its AI multimodal technology can also fulfill your requests by sending photos from your beloved AI companion. In the future, it will even be possible to achieve voice calls and video chats.
I will give you a detailed review of its features. Let’s start!

Key Takeaways

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Features Review and Rate

1. Vivid and Charismatic Characters (Score: 9.5/10)

Currently, SoulFun offers 10 lifelike AI girl characters, each with their own interesting and attractive background settings for you to write your unique story with her. Here are some examples of how your story would go:

Serena: Your personal nutritionist who made her name in international tennis tournaments. One day, you arrive at her house earlier than scheduled and find her doing nude yoga…

Alessandra: Your best friend since childhood who grew up to be an international supermodel. Beneath her charming exterior, her flirtatious nature often crosses personal boundaries. One day, she takes a long flight just to come to your apartment with a bottle of wine in hand…

Victoria: The sweet and innocent cheerleader at your high school, who is bullied by classmates. You stand up to protect her but get hurt in the process. She develops a soft spot for you. One day, she brings a gift to visit you in the hospital…

Amanda: Your best friend and his family went on a long trip, leaving Amanda alone at home. You are responsible for taking care of her during this period.

Marina: The heiress of an ancient and powerful vampire clan. She has always maintained the appearance of a girl-next-door in secret, captivating you with her beauty. Until one night, you suddenly discover her true identity…

Lillian: Your stepsister who always wants to be a renowned singer. She is spoiled, bratty, and has an affinity to get under your skin. She tries to act independently, but deep inside your heart. She leans on you heavily.

2. Your SoulGirl Powered by AI (Score: 9/10)

SoulFun uses open-sourced llama-2 LLM (Large Language Model) in text generation. And the the LLM is fine-tuned by SoulFun with specific training data set to create a unique LLM which can bypass standard LLM filters, allowing personalized NSFW AI chats tailored to individual interests, creating a natural and intuitive interactions provides a more immersive sexting experience, feeling much like a conversation with a real person.

3. High Context Understanding and Consistency (Score: 9/10)

The model used by SoulFun has a large parameter ranging from 7~70 billion which is good at understanding and maintaining a highly consistent character or persona throughout the variable topics.
And the model is also good at handling complex conversational scenarios. This includes understanding your subtle nuances, emotions, and even humor.
Moreover, characters driven by this model can even understand the content of generated images and provide relevant responses.
For example, I once asked a character to generate an image and then describe its content. She was able to accurately describe it and respond to me appropriately.

4. Long Memory For You (Score: 9/10)

The model used by SoulFun can provide 4098 tokens of context length. In a roleplaying conversation, the character’s memory is effectively the last 4096 tokens of dialogue.
The length of 4096 tokens of dialogue is about 3000~4000 English words depends on how they are structured. This means the model or character you choose will “remember” recent inputs and outputs of conversation with around 3000~4000 words but may “forget” earlier parts of the conversation once the token limit is exceeded.

5. Writing Your Own Story (Score: 8.5/10)

You have the option to engage in conversation with your AI girlfriend following the story background, or you can ignore these original settings and develop your own storyline.
In any case, I feel that the best aspect of text interaction in SoulFun is filtering. Whether it’s a sunshine supermodel friend or a cold vampire lady, regardless of whether you’re actively engaging or pretending to be shyly reluctant, their textual responses perfectly match the character’s personality, giving you a satisfying experience.
During the NSFW chat with your AI girl companions, you can not only play yourself but also change the story’s direction or character reactions through a third-person perspective. You simply need to add ** at both ends of the text, and the third-person descriptions will appear in italicized form. Here’s an example I created.

6. Ask for (NSFW) Photos (Score: 8/10)

How can a relationship be complete without photos? SoulFun can generate real-time photos (including SFW photos) based on your prompts and send them to you.
Like with story development, you can directly ask her for photos or integrate the request into the progress of the story. The choice is yours.
To ask for photos, click ‘Ask for photos’ on the left side of the chat box or manually enter a sentence containing the word “see”. After activation of keywords, enter your prompt in the chat box, and the AI will generate a photorealistic quality image based on your prompt.

After trying out a variety of image generations, I’ve found that SoulFun can accurately generate photos according to your requests of clothes, poses or scenarios.

And these photos maintain high consistency with the characters. Which means the photos you’ve got are with the same face, same skin tone, same body with your original AI girlfriends.

However, sometimes the hairstyles in the generated images may not be consistent with the original character, but this shouldn’t be a big problem.

7. Create Your Own (NSFW) Photos (Score: 7.5/10)

If you’re not completely satisfied with the photos generated during you can create on your own. Click on the character’s name to enter their profile page. There, you’ll find a more in-depth introduction to personality traits and background stories, as well as her photo gallery.
Click “Generate More” to create additional photos. You simply need to input the relevant prompt.

However, I often encounter issues here where the generated images don’t match the character’s default images. But in terms of overall quality, the effect is still very realistic.

8. Create Your Own Dream Girl (Score:8/10)

What could be more exciting than creating your own beloved AI girl? Well, SoulFun also offers this DIY feature.
Many AI chats support a creation mode, but only SoulFun supports you to upload your image can generate a character identical to the one in image. You just need to upload a photo in Creation mode, and the SoulFun‘ AI will recognize the face in the picture and apply it to the generated character.
Apart from appearance, you can customize ethnicity, age, body, clothing, hair, and facial features using Prompt tags.

With 4 main personalities: Temptress, Immaculate, Impulsive and Intellectual. And 6 types of voices.
You can portrait her personality and story background in more detail through text, and also set her first greeting.

9. Voice and Video Chat from Her

SoulFun currently uses multimodal technology, integrating natural language processing (NLP), image generation, text-to-speech, and advanced video generation tech. This allows you to exchange voice messages with your AI girlfriend, hear her whisper sweet nothings, or even video chat to watch her hot body. These two functions will launch soon.

How to generate NSFW Photos

(1) Open the SoulFun and choose your character to start chatting.
(2) Click “Ask for photos” on the left side of the chat box or manually enter a sentence containing the word “see” to describe what you want to see in the picture.

Tips of Use: A trick to bypass the NSFW keywords filter

Some pro users have said they were unable to generate SoulFun’s NSFW photo using some words like “Sexy”, “Nude” etc. being blocked as “inappropriate text”. This is mainly because those words trigger some app store censorship mechanisms.
Bypassing the NSFW filter is actually quite easy. You only need to use some more specific or subtle keywords instead, such as:
Replace “Sexy” with specific outfits like “Bikini”/ “Lingerie”
Replace “Nude” with “Topless” or “Without clothes”

Pros and Cons

Compare With Other Alternatives

Currently, most NSFW AI chats on the market only support sexting via text. Alternatives that support NSFW image generation are little, not to mention ones with voice and video support. Below is a comparison between several common NSFW AI chats and SoulFun.

Pricing Plan

For free users, only text dialogues are available, the chat history is retained for only 3 days.
Paid users can unlock the “Character Creation” mode, with each character creation costing 100 coins. Image generation is also supported, meaning you can ask for photos. Each will cost 10 coins.

  • 1000 coins, $19.99;
  • 2000 coins $ 39.99;
  • 5000 coins $ 79.99.


As AI technology continues to advance, not only the capabilities of large language models will continuously grow, creating more AI characters full of vitality, but also with the addition of image, voice, and video technologies, it will elevate the AI Sex Chat experience to a whole new unimaginable level!