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Ismartta: Face Swap Video & Photo Online Free

Ismartta is a free online platform for face swapping in videos and photos, using deepfake technology. Additionally, it offers an AI undress feature that allows users to experiment with different body types for their target characters. It is very suitable for beginners, but not for users who want to achieve high-quality face-swapping effects.

⭐ Pricing: 7.5

  • Free plan: 100% free for photo and video face swap, but you must wait in line.
  • Premium plan: This website is not professional in deepfake and undress. It appears more like an e-commerce platform for sliders.

⭐ Powerful features: 7.0

  • Free photo face swap: Easily swap faces in photos without any cost involved.
  • Free video face swap: Swap faces in videos for free, allowing for creative and fun video editing.
  • Three simple steps to create deepfake content: Follow a straightforward process to generate deepfake content with ease.
  • Preset templates for the original image: Access pre-designed templates to enhance and customize your original images for face swapping.

⭐ Generating speed: 6.5

  • As a free website, there may be occasional wait times of a few minutes before your face swap creations are ready for download.

⭐ User experience: 7.0

  • Availability of preset templates for convenience.
  • Final results are watermark-free.
  • No sign-up required to access the face swap service.
  • While the deepfake results may not be optimal for complex videos, it is important to note that this is a free deepfake maker.

⭐ Popularity: 7.0

  • Ismartta is a new face swap website, but it gets 102,000 visitors per month.

Total Score: 7.0

  • ⭐ Pricing: 7.5
  • ⭐ Powerful features: 7.0
  • ⭐ Generating speed: 6.5
  • ⭐ User experience: 7.0
  • ⭐ Popularity: 7.0