Ismartta: Best Face Swap and Deepnude Maker Free?

Ismartta is a new deepnude and face swap website, which started in March 2024. Despite being new, it attracts many users due to free. Therefore, Ismartta is the best face swap and deepnude maker in 2024? Is it really totally free? This article will give you answer.

What Is Ismartta?

Many people be attracted by its free deepnude and face swap features, but its main products are slider mimi, ltra-portable motorized sliders, phone holders and more. Another strange thing is that you cannot purchase these items.

ismartta homepage

Main Features

Ismartta offers two main features: face swap and AI undress.

With face swap, users can easily swap faces in photos and videos on the platform. Ismartta supports free video face swaps in formats like GIF, M4V, MP4, MOV, and WEBM. The platform also provides various templates for both photos and videos to help users get creative.

For AI undress, Ismartta lets users virtually undress individuals in images by transforming them to appear in targeted underwear. This feature supports male undressing and offers different dressing styles and body types to choose from.

How about Ismartta for Deepnude and Face Swap

Let’s overlook these issues, if it serves as a free Deepnude and Faceswap tool, it’s the best, right?

No. In fact, after our numerous tests, we found that:

  • Deepnude: It is a fake feature, you can only get someone with bikini by Ismarttas “AI Undress” feature.
  • Face Swap: Not suitable for complex face-swapping scenarios, quoting a Reddit user’s comment: “Poor quality and only does one of the faces on 3D. Another poor feature is the face changes back to original model if she moves even the slightest, or if facial expression changes. They do give 1gb storage, but you can’t even download any video swap files if you’re out of storage. It’s decent for their free 15s per day video offering, but not much more than that.”
  • Limited daily free trial: It’s not completely free as advertised. It provides 8 images deepnude, 8 images face swap and twice videos face swap per day.

Alternative for Ismartta for Better Face Swapping and Deepnude

Ismartta perfoms not well in face swap and deepnude. There are some alternatives for better resluts.

1.HeyEditor – Face Swap for Videos

Heyeditor is the best faceswap video website in 2024. It is a paid option, but many users like it due to excellent face swap results, fast deepfake speed and unique deepfake features.

2.Deep-Fake.AI – Face Swap for Images

Deep-Fake.AI is a website for face swapping online. It gives free trials every day. You can make funny memes and swap genders using this platform. You don’t even have to sign up to use their face swapping services.

3.AINude.AI – Free Trial Undress Maker

It is a website for undressing online. It offers daily free trials and additional free credits for signing up. Users can undress images, convert text to images, and create deepfake images on this platform. Crucially, there are no watermarks on the final results.

Ismartta for Face Swapping & Deepnude

Ismartta has a user-friendly design, making it easy for beginners to use its faceswapping and undressing features. Just follow the tips on Ismartta to get good results.

Face Swap Photos

To start a free face swap journey on the Ismartta website, just click on “face swap.” The process includes three easy steps:

  • Upload your original image (JPG/PNG/WEBP) or choose from templates.
  • Upload the target face (JPG/PNG/WEBP) or choose from templates.
  • Click “face swap now.” Note that there might be a wait time of over 60 seconds during peak usage.
ismartta face swap for image

The final deepfake result will have a watermark, but you can download it and use a free watermark remover to eliminate it. Additionally, there is a “contrast” feature that allows you to clearly see the variances between the original image and the deepfake image.

Face Swap Videos

The free video face swap feature on Ismartta supports deepfaking in both videos and GIFs. However, it is most effective for simpler videos and may not be suitable for complex scenarios involving low-resolution footage, rapid facial movements, or multiple face swaps.

ismartta faceswap video

For example, let’s consider a scenario where a girl is eating cake and closing her eyes in the original video. In the resulting deepfake, three issues may occur:

  • Ismartta may struggle to detect faces when the character closes their eyes, leading to difficulties in swapping faces at the beginning of the video.
  • Due to frequent eye and mouth movements in the original footage, Ismartta may intermittently succeed or fail in swapping faces with the target, resulting in a mix of original and swapped faces.
  • Ismartta may not accurately handle tongue movements, potentially replacing the character’s action of licking cream with a deleted scene.

AI Undress Images

To begin, upload a full-body photo with your face in JPG, PNG, or WEBP format.

Then, personalize your AI undress settings by choosing:

  • Gender: Female or Male
  • Attire: Bikini or Lingerie
  • Preferred body type: Curvy, Skinny, Slim, Hourglass, Athletic, or Chubby

Lastly, click on “Undress Now” to produce the final outcome. In our test, we selected “Chubby” as the desired body type, but the resulting image appeared average.

ismartta undress ai result


Ismartta is a daily free trial face swap and deepnude tool, but it may not match the performance of paid alternatives such as Heyeditor and While Ismartta can serve as a good introduction for beginners, those looking for advanced and professional deepfake and deepnude outcomes may find paid tools delivering a superior and more polished experience.