TalkDirty AI: A Simple AI Sex Chat Platform Fulfills Wildest Fantasies

The interface of Talk Dirty AI is characterized by a minimalist design, yet its powerful text generation capabilities can transport you into an entirely new world. Most AI sex chat products on the market are based on a character-based model, which involves creating characters first and then shaping scenes around them. Talk Dirty AI initially doesn’t provide any images, instead building the scenes and characters through text output. You can input any text you want, and the AI will set the scene for you. Moreover, the AI will generate relevant images based on the development of the story.

  • Price (Score: 7/10)
  • $19.99/ month to unlock the unlimited access, including unlimited chats, unlimited scenarios and interactive images. But I think is comparatively expensive to most of current available AI sex chat products.

  • Taboo setting (8/10)
  • With the Taboo slider, you can customize the type of content you’d like to see on our platform. Ranging from “PG”to “Extreme”, this feature allows you to set boundaries and tailor the experience to your preferences. Whether you prefer family-friendly content or something more daring, the choice is in your hands.

  • Length Setting (7.5/10)
  • You can control over the duration or word count of the content you interact with. Choose from “Short” to “Long” depending on your preference and time availability. This feature ensures that you are only exposed to content that suits your needs and schedule.

  • Control Setting (8/10)
  • The Control slider allows you to decide how much input you’d like to have over the platform’s behavior. Set it to “Loose” for a more hands-off approach, or “Tight” for greater control and precision. This feature is perfect for users who desire a specific level of involvement in their experience.

  • Difficulty Setting (7/10)
  • Adjust the Difficulty slider to determine the complexity of the content and challenges your encounter. Whether you’re looking for easy-to-digest information or something more intellectually stimulating, the Difficulty slider caters to all levels of expertise.

  • Image generation (6/10)
  • Accompanying the text generation, the AI automatically analyzes the text content and generates corresponding high-quality images. For instance, if you create a chat scenario involving Taylor Swift, you might also receive NSFW images of her. However, while the quality of the generated character images is generally good, sometimes the characters in the images may not align with the scene descriptions.

  • Context Consistency (6/10)
  • After recent updates, your scenario is limited to 500 characters, the AI is dumber before, it often completely disregards the previous content. And the whole content starts to feel scripted or impersonal.

  • Popularity: Currently, it boasts a traffic of around 20K and maintains an upward trend.

Average Score: 7

  • Pricing: 7
  • Powerful text generation: 8
  • Taboo setting: 8
  • Length Setting: 7.5
  • Control Setting: 8
  • Difficulty Setting: 7
  • Image generation: 6
  • Context Consistency: 6

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