NSFWGirlfriend Review: Your Immersive AI Sex Chat Companion

NSFWGirlfriend Stands out by offering a multimodal NSFW AI chat experience. It offers the privilege of sending NSFW messages and AI generated photos. Additionally, it provides access to a diverse range of sophisticated text-to-speech voices from ElevenLabs AI and OpenAI. You can also have an exclusive gallery of your NSFW AI Girlfriend’s pictures, adding visual richness and a personal touch to your experience.

⭐Pricing (Score: 6.5/10)

Free Users:

Currently, NSFWGirlfriend offers free users the opportunity to try out a selection of characters, but with a limitation of only 50 messages. Additionally, features such as images, voice, and other multimodal functionalities are not available for free users. To unlock more characters and features, an upgrade to a paid subscription is required.

Subscription Users:

$7.99/Month: Unlimited messages for all characters/ Proprietary NSFW Model/ Daily update characters/ Faster response time/ Create/Import your own characters/ Premium NSFW characters/Automatic renewal (Monthly)

$19.99/Month: All paid functions + OpenAI GPT Model/ ElevenLabs or OpenAI text to speech/ OpenAI Speech to text input/ Unlimited selfie of characters/ Automatic renewal (Monthly)

At $7.99 per month to access all characters, this pricing is somewhat expensive compared to other products.

⭐530+ Characters (Score:7.5 /10)

NSFWGirlfriend currently has over 530 characters, with an update every month. The majority of the character avatars feature an anime-style, realist style and hybrid style with their exquisite quality.

Characters have numerous categories, including female and male, anime and games, characters have relation with you, SFW and NSFW characters, as well as some non-human characters.

Advanced Language Models (Score: 7.5/10)

It utilizes three models for conversation, including OpenAI’s GPT model, the Mistral Tiny model, Hermes model, and (possibly) their own trained NSFW model.

Apart from the basic NSFW model, the other models require a paid upgrade to use.

I’m not sure if using OpenAI’s GPT model allows for AI sex chat, as typically, these models have filtering mechanisms for NSFW content.

Good Semantic Understanding (Score: 8/10)

The basic NSFW model used by NSFWGirlfriend provides relatively good semantic understanding.

These AI characters generally understand the context of conversations well, including some subtle sexual innuendos.

Mundane Character Description (Score: 7/10)

When using the NSFW model, the response time for conversations is very short, typically less than one second for a rapid reply. The content includes descriptions of scenes and character actions.

However, compared to other chatbots, the prose generated by the NSFW model seems blander. It uses simpler vocabulary without much vivid or detailed explicit description.

When solely using their proprietary NSFW model, I’ve found that after testing many chatbots, these characters’ descriptions tend to repeat, lacking surprising or engaging replies.

Photos+Voices Generation (Score: 8/10)

NSFWGirlfriend offers image generations. During a chat, you can send a message such as “Send me a photo”. Your NSFW AI Girlfriend will quickly respond with her photos.

And you can go to the chat page and click the voice icon at the bottom to get access to a diverse range of sophisticated text-to-speech voices. The default is usually set to Webtts, but you can opt for more sophisticated choices like OpenAI or ElevenLabs.

Average Creation Mode (Score: 7/10)

The creation mode is relatively straightforward and easy to get started with. NSFWGirlfriend offers standard options, including character names and avatars, using prompts to customize character personalities, and initial chat messages.


NSFWGirlfriend possesses very beautiful and seductive character avatars, which is a key factor in its attractiveness. It also provides immersive image and voice generation features.

However, the main issue is its relatively high price, with many features requiring payment to experience. Additionally, the text generation content effect using the NSFW model is somewhat average.

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Average Score: 7.4

  • ⭐ Pricing: 6.5
  • ⭐ 530+ Characters: 7.5
  • ⭐ Advanced Language Models: 7.5
  • ⭐ Good Semantic Understanding: 8
  • ⭐ Mundane Character Description: 7
  • ⭐ Photos+Voices Generation: 8
  • ⭐ Average Creation Mode: 7