JanitorAI: Best AI NSFW chat bots for anime lovers

Janitor AI is an anime-style character chat robot website. Users need to use the API of Open AI or Kobold AI to chat, while Janitor AI is also developing its own JanitorLLM. Janitor AI supports NSFW roles, whose AI sexting capability is very attractive to certain groups of users.

⭐ Pricing: 8

  • Janitor AI is available for free, but you must obtain an API key from either OpenAI or Kobold AI in order to converse with it. OpenAI provides a free grant of $5. Kobold AI needs to be deployed locally or in the cloud.
  • GPT-3.5 Turbo 4k: $0.002 / 1K tokens
  • GPT-4 32k: $0.12 / 1K tokens

⭐ Number of Characters: 9

  • The Janitor AI website hosts over 75k various characters, including male, female, and anime characters. Currently, male sex chatbots are the most popular on Janitor AI, with 80% of the top 20 most popular NSFW characters being male.

⭐ Custom Flexibility: 8

  • Janitor AI allows users to define their AI chat bot characters through descriptions, including elements such as Introduction, Personality, Scenario, and Example Dialogues.

⭐ Context Understanding: 9

  • The chatting performance of Janitor AI depends on the API being used. The GPT-4 API can offer the best chat performance, albeit at the highest cost. Users also have the option to use the GPT-3.5 or Kobold AI.

⭐ Context Consistency: 9

  • With the use of the GPT-3.5 API, the system can remember up to 4k tokens. Users willing to pay more have the option to utilize the GPT-4 API with a memory capacity of up to 32k tokens.

⭐ Popularity: 9

  • This platform enjoys an average monthly traffic of 18 million visits.

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