Easyerp ai: Easy Erotic AI Sexting Role Play for Free

Easyerp is an AI-powered sexting chatbot platform designed to provide users with a realistic and engaging erotic roleplaying experience. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, Easyerp.ai will respond to your actions and choices, creating a dynamic and immersive environment. It has a vast array of interactive scenarios, captivating storylines, and intriguing characters to interact with.

After trying it out for a while, I personally believe that the platform offers a variety of roles, good interaction, and solid community support. However, the AI’s writing style is somewhat lacking, and the portrayal of characters is somewhat bland. Additionally, it only provides 20 queue-free messages.

Pricing (Score: 6/10)

Free user with no function limitation, but you can only have 20 tokens for priority queue. After 20 messages, every message generated you need to queue for a very long time (almost 70 seconds).

$5.99/month: Access more priority tokens, used for much faster queue times. 2000 priority tokens/month.

$12.99/month: Unlimited priority tokens. Fastest text generation.

$24.99/month: Unlimited priority tokens. Fastest text generation. Access dedicated queue, server resources will prioritize your requests.

Easy to use (Score: 8/10)

You don’t have to set up any API key to start chatting. All you need to do is just to login or signup with your email and choose the character you like and start chatting. It’s very convenient compared to other chat platforms.

Characters Amount (Score:7/10)

I didn’t find the specific number of characters. However, easyerp has a rich variety of SFW/NSFW characters, most of them are created by users. It includes many classic ERP characters.

Additionally, there are over 60 character tags, including various attributes like scenarios, personalities, and fetishes.

After selecting different characters, each character has ratings and reviews from other users available for reference.

Language Model (Score: 8/10)

Because GPT model has a NSFW content restriction, easyerp uses MythoMax model. It is known for its increased coherency, robust understanding, and extensive writing capability. The model is proficient at roleplaying and story writing, making it suitable for tasks that require a high level of coherency and context.

Context Performance (Score:7/10)

The characters are able to understand the content of the conversation well and respond accordingly. The reply content is generally in the form of dialogue plus narration, where the narration includes descriptions of character actions, scenes, and psychology. It’s usually in the third person, but sometimes the narration also appears in the first person.

However, the narration is too brief and not frequent enough, and the writing style for describing characters’ actions, scenes, and psychological states is rather average.

⭐User interaction (Score:8/10)

You can set the chat’s temperature. The higher the temperature, the more random and creative the content becomes. You can also edit, delete, and regenerate messages.

Additionally, it provides you with the function of saving and restarting a new chat with the same character. You can view your previous chat history.

Moreover, during the chat, users can directly use prompts to customize and modify the character’s personality traits, change the scene of the dialogue, and input some dialogue samples.

Creation Mode (Score:8/10)

If you already have a premade character, you can upload your character card. It supports characters from Venus AI, Tavern AI, SillyTavern, Chub, etc. .JSON and .PNG only

You can upload avatars for characters and customize the character’s persona, initial dialogue, and the setting of the story through prompts.

Community Support (Score: 8/10)

Easyerp has good community support. You can rate and comment on characters created by other users, and you can join their Discord for more discussions. Whenever there are new features, they update them in Discord.

Currently, Discord has over 9K members, with more than 1K active users.

Discord adress:https://discord.com/app/invite-with-guild-onboarding/QGamhpmz89


Currently, Easyerp has a decent organic traffic of 25K.

How to use

Average Score: 7.5

  • ⭐ Pricing: 6/10
  • ⭐ Easy to use: 8/10
  • ⭐ Characters Amount: 7/10
  • ⭐ Language Model: 8/10
  • ⭐ Context Performance:7/10
  • ⭐ User interaction:8/10
  • ⭐ Creation Mode: 8/10
  • ⭐ Community Support: 8/10