How About VModel for Face Swap Photos?

VModel is catching on as a fresh and easy-to-use tool for swapping faces in photos, drawing in over 13,000 visitors each month. This article will dive into:

  • What is VModel?
  • How to use Vmodel do deepfake images?
  • Is upgrading to a premium membership with VModel worth it?
  • Alternatives for face swapping in 2024

What Is VModel?

vmodel homepage

VModel stands out as a popular AI tools online website, offering groundbreaking features for digital creativity. From transforming the fashion industry with its AI fashion model to enabling personalized content with face swap, AI image generator, and AI image editor tools, VModel is the go-to platform for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It simplifies complex editing tasks and brings imaginative ideas to life, all in one user-friendly interface.

Key Features:

  • Face Swap: Offers both single, multiple face swapping and batche face swap with a selection of preset images for instant creativity.
  • AI Fashion Model: Enables designers to visualize fashion designs on virtual models, simplifying the design process.
  • AI Image Editor: Provides easy-to-use, AI-powered editing tools for enhancing photos with professional results.
  • AI Art Generator: Generates unique artworks from text descriptions, perfect for creating custom visuals.
  • AI Product Description Generator: Produces engaging, SEO-optimized product descriptions to boost online sales.
  • More: Explore more innovative tools designed to enrich your digital experience, with new features regularly added.


  • Sign up with your Google account to get 30 free credits.
  • $2.99 = swap face 150 times.
  • $19.99 = swap face 1,100 times.
  • $49.99 = swap face 3,000 times.

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How to Face Swap Photos on the VModel?

Similar to other online face swap platforms, VModel’s face swap feature is designed for simplicity and ease, allowing users to achieve professional-looking results in just a few clicks. This intuitive process ensures a seamless experience, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skill level.

Single Person Face Swapping

Step 1: Upload original image
VModel lets you upload your own images or choose from ready-made templates for many themes like Christmas, movies, yearbooks, business, ID pictures, art, and celebrities. This time, we picked a celebrity template to show what you can do.


Step 2: Upload target face
This time, you need to upload the face you want to swap from your computer or phone. For the best deepfake results, choose a high-quality, clear, front-facing photo without any obstructions.


Step 3: Click “swap” and wait for final result

Creating a deepfake photo uses one credit, and you’ll have to wait around 8 seconds for the face swap to finish. After that, you can download or share your creation on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.


Multiple Person Face Swap

The process for swapping multiple faces is similar to the one described earlier. However, a drawback is that it doesn’t save my uploaded target face, requiring me to upload it repeatedly if I want to use the same face again. In this aspect, HeyEditor offers a better experience by saving the target faces for future use.


This is the final deepfake outcome, where I successfully swapped the faces of 11 people in this image. The results are impressive.


Batche Face Swap

What exactly is batch face swap? Essentially, if you select several original images, you can upload up to 50 images in one go. Then, by uploading a single target face, you can generate 50 deepfake images featuring that target face on all of them. This method is highly efficient but only for VIP users.


Should You Invest in VModel’s Premium?

VModel boasts several advantages, including 30 free credits, competitive pricing, and impressive face swap results. However, we don’t recommend purchasing premium memberships.

The primary reason is the apparent connection between Remaker AI and VModel, suggesting they might be under the same ownership. While Remaker AI offers video deepfake capabilities, VModel lacks this feature.

Secondly, VModel’s deepfake results appear similar to those from Artguru and Pica AI, indicating the possible use of open-source software. Unlike VModel, both Artguru and Pica AI offer daily free trials, enhancing their appeal.

Alternatives for Face Swapping In 2024

In 2024, there are several notable alternatives to VModel for face swapping that merit attention.


deepfake video by heyeditor stands out as a specialized face-swapping website, focusing solely on delivering top-notch deepfake results. It’s evident from the quality of the output that it leverages a proprietary self-training model.

As a premium service, HeyEditor caters to a wide range of deepfake creations, including images, GIFs, and videos, with the unique ability to modify and preserve the target face shape. While it offers a free trial, the trial is somewhat restricted, allowing users to create deepfake videos only from preset demo templates. Despite these limitations, HeyEditor distinguishes itself with high-definition, distinctive deepfake outcomes and rapid processing speeds.

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Deep-Fake.AI stands out in the realm of deepfake technology, offering users a straightforward way to experiment with face swap features. The platform distinguishes itself by providing a daily free trial, enabling users to engage with its services without the necessity of creating an account.


Facefusion, a prominent open-source software for face swapping, is recognized for its extensive use across various face swap websites. To effectively run Facefusion, it is essential to have a high-quality computer and GPU. But it is a totally free option for deepfake videos.


In summary, VModel is gaining popularity as a straightforward and user-friendly face swapping tool, attracting thousands of users monthly. While its free plan offers a great way to get started and enjoy face swapping, purchasing the premium plan might not be the best investment for everyone. It’s advisable to make the most of the free features available and explore what VModel can do without the commitment to a paid subscription. Enjoy the creative possibilities of face swapping at no cost.