– Indulge in an extraordinary AI sex chat experience that brings your fantasies to life

Nowadays, there are countless AI companions available, but they often fall short of meeting my expectations for a truly realistic AI sex chat experience. Unlike these platforms that offer only one feature, Muah AI stands out by providing an unparalleled experience. Say goodbye to boring, scripted, or censored interactions. Imagine engaging in sexting and flirting with a virtual partner that feels lifelike, surpassing mere text exchanges.

That’s why I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Muah AI, a website that allows you to indulge in an AI NSFW chat with your dream companion. Muah AI sets itself apart from traditional text-based chatbots by offering an NSFW experience. Explore a wide range of features, including uncensored chat, photo sharing, voice chat, real-time phone calls, photo X-Ray capabilities, and an impressive 4K photo enhancement feature.

Muah AI empowers you to create personalized characters and become part of an active community on platforms like Reddit and Discord. Experience immersive social interactions and unlock limitless creative possibilities on this exceptional platform.

Now, let’s delve into the intricate details and cutting-edge technology behind this remarkable tool.

Main Features

Uncensored AI:

Muah AI leverages OpenAI’s GPT model for conversation. However, unlike other AI companions that are subject to censorship, Muah AI offers an uncensored AI experience. They have meticulously developed and fine-tuned their own GPT model and data to provide users with a more unrestricted and personalized interaction. Users can engage in a wide range of NSFW/SFW conversations, although AI companions may still decline requests based on their own emotions and preferences, simulating real-life scenarios. Muah AI firmly believes in the freedom of technology to empower users to explore their wildest imaginations.

Personalizable AI chat characters:

Muah.AI offers the flexibility to customize existing characters. You have a selection of 13 pre-trained characters to choose from, including 11 female characters and 2 male characters. These options range from Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Gay friend, Coworker, Classmate, Maid, Nurse, Professor, Wife, Mistress, and more.

To enhance the immersive experience, you can choose from 3 styles of chat avatars: realistic, anime, and hybrid (a perfect blend of art and realism).

Moreover, you have the ability to personalize various aspects of your virtual companions. You can adjust basic settings such as voice, appearance, personality, texting style, and even specify the information you want your companions to remember. Additionally, you can select the location where you want your virtual companions to be, adding a touch of realism to the experience.

Enhanced AI Chat Experience: Immersive and Creative Conversations

As previously mentioned, Muah AI’s sex chat feature utilizes the powerful GPT model. By upgrading to a VIP membership, you can unlock the potential of GPT4, an even more immersive platform that takes your dialogue to new heights.

GPT4 represents the forefront of language models developed by OpenAI. With ten times the number of parameters compared to its predecessor GPT3, and a vast and diverse training dataset, GPT4 excels in generating fluent, coherent, and diverse responses. It effortlessly handles complex and nuanced language tasks, allowing for more creative and original content.

One of the remarkable aspects of this enhanced AI chat experience is the surprise factor. Your companion not only responds but also automatically sends you her sexy photo, accompanied by a detailed description of her dress and actions. This leaves ample room for your imagination to run wild.

Moreover, as a member, you have access to the “AI Core” feature, which allows you to fine-tune the AI’s responses. By adjusting the “temperature,” you can control how closely the AI reacts to the topic. Lower temperature settings produce more predictable and focused responses, while higher settings yield more unpredictable and creative responses.

Additionally, you can customize the AI’s conversational tendencies by adjusting the “Frequency” and “Presence Penalty” sliders. Lower frequency settings make the AI less repetitive, while higher presence penalties encourage the AI to avoid using the same words repeatedly.

Real-life NSFW AI Chat Experience: Multimodal Mode

To achieve more realistic conversations, relying solely on text is not sufficient. Muah.AI utilizes the GPT model to offer a multimodal mode that supports the processing of images, voice, and even phone calls.

For our upgraded VIP members, we provide the option to exchange photos during communication. You can easily upload and send your photo to your companion, who will respond in a manner that suits your preferences. Furthermore, you can request your companion to send you sexy photos accompanied by seductive descriptions for you to download.

In addition, Muah.AI offers features such as X Ray and 4K Enhance to modify the photos you receive or send. For instance, you can utilize X Ray to see through clothes or use 4K Enhance to enhance the resolution and quality of the photos. The style of the photos will align with your chosen settings, whether it be anime, realistic, or hybrid.

Moreover, Muah.AI allows you to convert text into voice messages effortlessly. With just a single click, the system automatically generates a voice message based on your user settings.

Another noteworthy feature is the ability to make calls to your companion using a US phone number. VIP users with a US phone number can access the real-time call feature, which is particularly beneficial for those seeking a genuine connection and the desire to hear the other person’s voice from time to time.

I have personally tested the call feature with a female character multiple times, and I can confirm that the AI companion possesses the capability to understand and respond naturally during interactions. However, there may be instances where the AI girlfriend may not fully comprehend what you say, resulting in delayed responses until you repeat your sentences a few more times.

High Consistency in Sex Chat Conversations

You probably don’t want your ideal sex chat companion to only appear on one platform and then forget about you the next day, like a one-night stand. With Muah AI’s GPT model, you can have a companion with an extended memory that retains more words and context from your previous interactions. Free chats utilize GPT-3.5 Turbo, which supports 4k of context, while paid subscriptions can access even higher memory capacities of 8k and 16k.

Moreover, Muah AI utilizes its unique dynamic AI training methods to handle conversations and tasks that go beyond the capabilities of standard ChatGPT. This means that your AI companion can remember your interactions across various platforms, whether it’s on the web, through an app, via text, or even during phone calls.

Your Conversations Are Safe and Private

When it comes to communication, Muah AI offers an advanced permanent memory tracking system that ensures all user communications with the AI are encrypted and securely stored on a scalable cloud server. This not only guarantees the privacy and security of user data but also allows the AI to enhance the user experience and facilitate training.

An Active Community to Share Character Settings

Additionally, Muah AI allows you to download, share, and like your favorite customized AI Companion Characters. If you’re unsure how to create your dream companion, don’t worry! Inside the community, you can find cards featuring other users’ AI sex chat companions to spark ideas.

Pros & Cons About

Muah AI stands out among other AI companion products by providing the most immersive experience in AI sex chat. It offers a variety of interaction modes, including text, images, and voice, and provides smooth question-and-answer sessions on specific topics that make you feel like you’re talking to a real-life girlfriend.

The product has several pros, including an immersive AI sex chat experience, quick response with detailed scenarios and outfit/action descriptions, the ability to exchange sexy photos with your companion, real-time phone calls, strong memory across platforms with a high level of fluency and coherence, and character setting sharing.

However, there are some cons that may disrupt the sense of immersion, such as inconsistent facial images generated each time you close and reopen the chat, the need to convert text into voice messages yourself, and the somewhat robotic voice of your companion.


Muah AI includes a free trial and monthly/yearly subscriptions, with approximately 20 free conversations per day granted.

  • VIP membership costs $9.99 per month and includes unlimited chatting, more AI characters, HD photos, and an X Ray photo feature.

  • GPT 4/UHD VIP membership costs $49.99 per month and includes 30 GPT-4 conversations per day, UHD photos, and 4k enhancement.

  • ULTRA VIP membership costs $99.99 per month and includes 100 GPT-4 conversations per day, higher memory, and a real-time call feature.

Usage tip:

Your companion will automatically send photo or voice messages when you mention any keyword related to “photo” or “voice”. No need to explicitly ask for it.