Naked Anime Girls AI Generator – Ultra Review of Live3D

Over the past years, the allure of anime has been transcending mere entertainment. It’s no secret that some have even developed genuine affection for its characters. Icons like the bossy Nami from One Piece or the endearing Orihime from Bleach have captured hearts worldwide.

But what if you could bring your own dream anime girl to life? Even better, what if you could create images of naked anime girls customized to your wants?

Enter Live3D, an anime art generator that promises to turn your wildest imaginations into pixelated reality. Can it truly replicate the magic of those beloved characters, or perhaps even surpass them? Let’s find out.

Naked Anime Girls AI Generator: Live3D Review

As a free-to-use anime art generator, Live3D offers a solution for those seeking to craft images of naked anime girls. Using the power of AI, it grants anime lovers the freedom to bring their anime fantasies to life.

Does a naked anime girl with big boobs turn you on with no fail? Maybe you need images of a hot anime girl for a video game or story your creating?

With this anime AI generator, you are only limited by your own imagination. Since it has a prompts-based system, all you have to do is type in exactly what you want your anime girl to look like, and you’re good to go.

Best Features of Live3D

Perhaps the pièce de résistance lies in Live3D’s text-to-image system, offering next-level customization. This means you have all the creative freedom to generate whatever you want.

But more than its creative potential, this anime AI generator is committed to user privacy. This gives you a sanctuary where you can create as many images of naked anime girls as you want without fear of judgment or anyone ever finding out about it.

Here’s a closer look at its features:

  • Text-To-Image Generation

Watch as Live3D turn your wildest anime fantasies into visual reality! While tags-based AI image generators offer convenience by providing predefined visual elements, text-to-image tools like Live3D give you creative freedom.

You see, with tags, I felt somewhat limited by the pre-established categories and keywords. But with Live3D, I can craft specific and personalized images to visualize my unique anime fantasies.
This level of freedom means I can create characters that might otherwise remain confined within the limits of tags-based AI image makers.

Here’s a sample sexy anime girl generated using Live3D’s text-to-image system:

Prompts: (masterpiece), best quality, expressive eyes, perfect face, cute face freckles, sunny day, medium boobs, hair in bun orange, short shirt, no sleeves, heavy laugher, large smile, laying on floor, closed eyes

  • Image-To-Image and Pose-To-Image

Aside from text-to-image, Live3D can also do image-to-image and pose-to-image AI generation. These features make this naked anime girls AI generator a versatile and engaging tool for crafting unique anime art.

Image-to-image lets you transform an existing image into stunning anime-style artwork, allowing personalization and modification. Pose-to-image enables you to generate anime characters in various poses, adding depth and dynamic flair to your creations.

Here’s an anime girl nude image I generated using the image-to-image generation method:

Reference Photo:

What Live3D Generated:

Prompts: masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, Goeniko, blonde hair, looking at viewer, solo

  • Random Prompts

It’s easy to just write “naked anime girls” or “anime girl boobs” as your text prompt. However, you want to be as detailed as possible to help the AI craft the exact image you have in mind.

Can’t think of a prompt to write? Trust me, I can relate. Whether you’re facing an artistic block or simply looking for ideas, you can just click on the Random Prompts button. This feature generates unexpected prompts and helps inject spontaneity into the creative process.

  • Prompt Library

Live3D’s Prompt Library bridges the gap between creative freedom and structured inspiration. It offers a collection of predefined prompts, transforming Live3D’s text-to-image process into a more structured experience akin to a tags-based system.

While the Prompts Library offers guidance when needed, it still preserves Live3D’s flexibility. So, when my artistic imagination did kick off, I was still able to include my own prompts. Basically, it combines the best features of tags-based and text-to-image generation.

  • Models and Loras

Live3D’s Models and Loras are the artistic heart of the tool. Models like Anime, Realistic, and Chibi Anime offer distinct styles. This allows you to generate images of naked anime girls in the aesthetic that suits your vision.

Loras, on the other hand, act as one-time modifiers, adding specialized details and character traits. Note that the higher the weight, the more pronounced its influence on the generated image, ensuring the generated art aligns perfectly with the user’s creative intentions.

  • Generation Methods

Live3D has a diverse collection of Generation Methods that empower users to explore different facets of their imagination.

For free account users, the most common are Smart Repaint and Pose Recognition. Smart Repaint offers a transformative experience, converting images into anime or realistic styles and breathing new life into your existing artwork.

Pose Recognition enables you to recreate scenes by redrawing characters based on reference poses. So, whether you’re in the mood for generating anime girl porn or just a regular scenario, you’ll have the freedom to do so.

  • Negative Prompts

AI tech is still in its early years. This is why even popular tools may produce subpar results at times. To address this issue, Live3D uses Negative Prompts.

With this feature, you can specify elements or characteristics you don’t want in your anime girl naked images. This may include certain expressions or some features so you can ensure a more precise output that aligns with your artistic vision.

  • Sampling Steps

Live3D’s Sampling Steps feature controls the duration AI processes your image. Typically, values beyond 30 don’t yield significant improvements, and even 20 often produces satisfying results. The default is set at 25 to balance efficiency and quality.

Note that opting for higher steps increases processing time and costs more credits. However, they can be useful for some projects, like if you want to generate animal girl hentai in great detail.

  • CFG Scale

The CFG Scale or Completion Feature Generator Scale is a key element guiding the AI’s adherence to your prompts.

Lower values create detailed, softer images but may miss some aspects of the prompt. Higher values yield sharper results and better compliance with the prompt. However, it may have less detail, particularly in unmentioned elements.

For optimal performance, I suggest using a CFG Scale setting of 5 to 7. This strikes a balance between artistic freedom and precision in generating anime images.

To demonstrate these features, here’s a sexy anime girl I generated using Live3D:

Prompts: anime drawing of Eula Lawrence with blue_hair and yellow_eyes and purple_eyes, high contrast, high saturation, nightclub, (amber sunglasses), stage, (earphones), racing clothes, dancing

Pros of Using Live3D:

  • Unparalleled creative freedom

  • Strong user privacy protection

  • Image-to-Image transformation

  • Pose-to-Image functionality

  • Spontaneous creativity with Random Prompts

  • Structured inspiration via Prompt Library

  • Diverse range of models for unique aesthetics

Cons of Using Live3D:

  • Learning curve for extensive features

  • Advanced settings require higher credits

  • Quality trade-off with higher CFG Scale settings


Live3D offers a range of subscription options to cater to different needs, from free access with daily credits to premium plans with generous monthly credit allowances and advanced features. Subscribers also have the option to purchase one-time credits for additional flexibility.


  • 50 credits per day

  • Access to 40+ AI models and Loras

  • Image styles: Anime and Realistic

  • Generation methods: Text to Image, Image to Image, Pose to Image

Basic Plan ($9 per month):

  • 6,000 credits per month

  • Includes all free features

  • 3 max concurrent tasks

  • 30 bonus credits per day

  • High-priority generation

  • High-resolution generation

  • New model experience

  • General commercial terms

Plus Plan ($29 per month):

  • 24,000 credits per month

  • Includes all basic features

  • 10 max concurrent tasks

  • 80 bonus credits per day

  • Batch image generation

  • Custom resolution (up to 2K)

  • Priority support

Pro Plan ($59 per month):

  • 50,000 credits per month

  • Includes all pro features

  • 10 max concurrent tasks

  • 130 bonus credits per day

Subscribers who pay for a year in advance can enjoy up to a 17% discount. What’s more, all paid subscription plans will have access to the AI editor once it becomes available.

Live3D vs SoulGen

SoulGen is a versatile AI image generator offering a range of appealing features for creating naked anime girls. In seconds, it can craft AI images from text, with its efficient prompt filling-in tags expediting the creative process.

You can toggle between Realistic and Anime styles. It’s also possible to upload reference photos to customize the naked anime girls in the likeness of, say, celebrities.

With various image size options and post-generation editing, it provides flexibility and control. Notably, it maintains a user-friendly experience across devices and operating systems, ensuring a seamless, ad-free, and blur-free creative journey.

How It Compares to Live3D

SoulGen and Live3D are both AI image generators with unique strengths. SoulGen excels in speedy AI girl portrait generation from text and efficient prompt filling-in tags. It offers options for realistic and anime styles, making it versatile for various preferences.

In contrast, Live3D provides extensive features like image-to-image conversion, pose recognition, and diverse subscription plans. Basically, SoulGen prioritizes simplicity and speed, while Live3D caters to those seeking advanced customization and image generation tools.

How To Use Live3D To Generate Naked Anime Girls

Unlock the world of AI-generated naked anime girls with Live3D’s versatile creation methods. Whether you’re a storyteller, an artist seeking a fresh canvas, or a 3D enthusiast crafting dynamic poses, it offers three distinct pathways to bring your anime fantasies to life.


Step 1: Describe your desired AI image in detail using text.

Step 2: Send your descriptive prompt to the AI generator for processing.

Step 3: The AI generates the naked anime girls image based on your textual description.


Step 1: Begin by uploading a reference image of naked anime girls.

Step 2: Utilize the ControlNet function within the Live3D to match the outline of the reference image while applying a different style.

Step 3: Optionally, you can customize details in the generated picture or choose an alternate picture style based on your prompt.

Step 4: Once you click generate, the AI produces an image with the same outline as the reference but with your desired style and adjustments.


Step 1: To create images of naked anime girls using this method, start by accessing the 3D pose placer. Then, position the 3D model in your preferred pose.

Step 2: In the prompt box, describe the specific style or effect you want for naked anime girls.

**Step 3:**The AI processes your request and generates an anime-style image matching the prompts within your chosen pose.

Step 4: Enjoy the final image reflecting the specified pose and style.

Pro Tips

Live3D opens the door to boundless creativity in crafting images of naked anime girls. To maximize your experience, consider these pro tips:

  • Detailed Prompts: Write vivid, detailed prompts when using text2img. The more specific your description, the better the AI can bring your hot anime girl to life.

  • Reference Images: When using img2img, select reference pictures that closely align with your desired outcome. This will help the ControlNet function generate images that match your artistic vision more accurately.

  • Play with Styles: Experiment with different picture styles and adjustments when customizing your image. It’s a great way to fine-tune the anime girl porn image to your liking.

  • Pose with Precision: In pose2img, ensure your 3D model’s pose aligns precisely with your desired image style. Detailed prompts will also help guide the AI effectively.

  • Try Various Models: Explore Live3D’s diverse range of Models and Loras to find the one that best suits your anime fantasies. Different models can bring distinct character to your creations.

Support and Customer Services

Wondering how to connect with Live3D’s developers and fellow anime art enthusiasts? You can join their thriving community on Twitter and Discord.


Images of AI-generated naked anime girls are incredibly versatile and find applications in various creative and practical contexts. Here are some examples:

  • Personal Avatar: You can use your hot anime girl images as unique profile avatars for social media, forums, or gaming platforms.

  • Story Illustrations: Enhance your storytelling with eye-catching visuals by incorporating AI anime girl images into your webcomics, novels, or graphic novels.

  • Gaming: Game developers can integrate sexy anime girl characters into their games and add depth to in-game universes.


Live3D is a vibrant canvas for anime enthusiasts and artists alike. With its versatile AI image generation methods, it transforms ideas into captivating anime art.

Whether you’re crafting images of naked anime girls for personal use, enhancing storytelling, or adding flair to your online presence, its user-friendly interface and array of features open doors to boundless artistic possibilities.

As we navigate this dynamic realm where AI meets art, Live3D stands as a reliable companion, empowering you to bring your anime fantasies to vivid life. So, why wait? Unleash your creativity today with Live3D!