Free and Engaging AI Sex Chat Online – Ultra Review of Janitor AI

AI sex chat. This is one of the latest developments in the AI world. And it’s not
surprising why people love it, considering how sophisticated these tools can be. The smooth
operation of these AI models can make you feel like you’re talking to a real person.

One notable platform for this type of conversation is the Janitor AI Bot. The engaging responses it provides guarantee its user the highest level of simulation. But is it really the best of its kind out there? Are there downsides to it? We’ll find that out soon in this review.

Interesting Features of Janitor AI

The Janitor AI is an NSFW AI chat that allows users to communicate with AI personalities created specifically for erotic conversations. It’s like ChatGPT, except that it’s a sensual roleplay AI chat bot.

Users and creators generate various personalities often derived from popular films, books, TV shows, and video games. Female personas like Gwen Stacy, Freya, and Kuchiki Rukia are all available on the platform.

Janitor AI doesn’t have an app yet, but you can access it through your desktop computer, Android, or iOS device by visiting their website. The AI sex chat bot requires that you’re at least 18 years old to use it.

Key Takeaways

Janitor AI review key takeaways

Feature Reviews and Scores

Here’s a quick rundown of Janitor AI’s most interesting features.

Diverse Character Selection (Score: 9/10)

One of the most impressive things about this sex chat AI is that it offers a diverse collection of characters for you to converse with. Currently, the Janitor AI has a total of 143K+ characters , with 35K+female characters and 95K+ female characters. Most of them are supporting NSFW AI sex chat.

There are over 95K+ male personalities, and you can browse through all of them using the category selection panel. This has to be one of the largest databases of AI personalities in terms of AI chat bots.

Diverse character selection

Character Depth (Score: 8/10)

Another noteworthy feature of this AI sex chat tool is the depth of each character. Almost every character on Janitor has their own unique backstory and personality traits, offering a deeply immersive experience. Janitor AI outlines virtually everything you need to know about the AI personality, from character definition to published chats and reviews of people who have conversed with it. You can also see the chats history from other people as well.

Character depth

Now, imagine the level of work, training, and machine learning it took to build an AI chat online with such a massive dataset of over 12,000 characters.

Immersive AI sex chat experiences (Score: 9/10)

Janitor is using Large Language Model (LLMs) from OpenAI (GPT3.5 and GPT4), Kobold AI and it has
also developed its own LLM called JanitorLLM.
The advanced and powerful AI engine will give you highly immersive experience on your AI sex
chat by a good understanding of your contexts and giving you an impressive response.

For example, the characters would respond to your text inputs with detailed descriptions, like in a novel, depicting their actions, inner thoughts, and the story’s setting in an engaging way. And these words will be distinguished from dialogue.

And the difference between Janitor and a text adventure game is that you can re-shape your story’s direction by interacting with its AI LLM engine to create your own unique story and experience with the same character.

Immersive AI sex chat experiences
Immersive AI sex chat experiences

Context Understanding and Response (Score: 8/10)

These models behind the characters of Janitor AI will give you a very good understanding of your context and response semantically. And always follows the character’s personality traits and the setting of the story and scenario.

For example, we know that in some cases we want the AI to be obedient, but not necessarily in the literal sense. In some roleplay scenarios, I might pretend to resist on the surface, but I hope the character understands my true intentions. The results show that this is indeed the case. The character responses completely follow the character’s personality and story background, rather than being a simple chatbot that only knows how to follow orders. I think this aspect is crucial for an immersive experience in AI sex chat.

Context understanding and response

However, especially with JaniotLLM, there are some problems of incomplete words. And it could be fixed by turning off “Text streaming” in setting.

Incomplete message

Context Consistency and Memory (Score: 8/10)

Based on different Large Language Models (LLMs), Janitor AI can provide varying lengths of character memory (tokens) to maintain consistency in the context.

Tokens are the smallest pieces of text that AI models and natural language processing work with. For instance, the sentence “Hello, how are you?” has 6 tokens: “Hello,” “,”, “how,” “are,” “you,” and “?”.

When using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, your character typically has a context memory of around 2,048 tokens. It means using GPT-3.5 will remember roughly about 1,000 to 1,500 English words of your chat history, though this number can vary significantly depending on the specific text. And a GPT-4 model has an 8K-token limit, it could be around 6000 English words of information.

For their own JanitorLLM, it says it has an upper limit of 8K context size as well, which gives you a memory around 6000 English words.

Creation Mode (Score: 8/10)

Creating a character is very simple and intuitive. You just need to upload the character’s avatar and name. Then, through text prompts, you define the character’s appearance, personality, story setting, and other attributes.

Creating AI chat character is simple

API integration (Score: 8.5/10)

If you are not satisfied with the text generated by JanitorLLM, Janitor supports you to use your own OpenAI API key for SFW/ NSFW chats in API setting. However, the downside is that using the OpenAI API key requires payment.

How to set your own API key?

  • Go to Janitor and login/ Sign up your account.
  • Select your favorite character.
  • Click on “Chat” to start chatting
  • Click on the API button on the upper right corner

API button

  • Choose OpenAI and model type

API Settings

If you have your own OpenAI account, you can go to the OpenAI website ( to log in to your account, find the API option in the settings, and create a new API key (it is best to copy or write it down). OpenAI is NOT FREE. They will give you 5$ for trial, after that you need to pay OpenAI to use their API

OpenAI API Keys

  • Paste your API key and Click “Check”, it will notify you if it is valid

Check API Key

How to create an AI chatbot?

The most important part of creating a character is customizing it through prompts. This includes defining the backstory, personality, and how you want the bot to act and talk, among other aspects.

Here is a typical example of how to prompt:







Relationship={{user}}’s bodyguard [hired by their parents].

Background=CHARACTER grew up an only child on a farm.

Other={{char}} acts more like a friend or older brother to you than a bodyguard.

{{char}} is allergic to strawberries.


For more information and guidance, you can refer to the following link:

Pros and Cons

Janitor AI chat pros & cons

Janitor AI vs. DreamGF

Despite the seemingly advanced features of Janitor AI, there’s one question that we haven’t answered yet. How do these features compare to other platforms that are already available in the market?

When it comes to AI sex chat platforms, DreamGF is among the leading names in the field. Let’s see how similar or different these tools are.

  • Customization

The built-in customization tools on these two platforms are also very different. For starters, The Janitor AI sex chat allows you to build your character’s personality, but you can only upload an avatar to represent it.

Since the concept of DreamGF is creating a “dream girlfriend,” you can customize not just the character’s personality but also her entire persona, including her appearance. From ethnicity, face style, and body type to tattoos, clothes, and hairstyle, all of them are available in DreamGF.

  • Personalized Chats

Both platforms provide personalized chats, and they respond to queries or prompts rather accurately. But DreamGF allows you to communicate with the AI sex chat bot through voice. Moreover, you may ask it to take photos for you, and in the future, that may even include videos.

  • Browsing

I like Janitor AI’s browsing feature that displays all the available characters on pages. The categories certainly help pinpoint the type of AI character you want to converse with. But what happens when you don’t know which character you want to talk to?

This is where DreamGF’s AI Tinder takes the cake. It’s a Tinder-like function that lets you swipe right or left on numerous pre-saved AI models. The AI also tracks your preferences using this feature to give you AI profiles that better match your taste.

More Comparison

There are more similar alternatives available on the market today. I have tested them all and listed the following points for comparison:

AI sexting product comparison

Tips of use:

  1. You can write a highlight about yourself in your profile to help your characters know better about you.

Write a character highlight

  1. Using third-person narration in chats, your character can understand you well and will change the direction of the story according to your prompts. This enhances the fun of role-playing.

  2. Join the Discord Server: Finally, try to join Janitor AI’s Discord server. It’s a rather welcoming community where you can ask questions about the tool. This should help you understand how you can maximize the platform.


1. Are AI chat platforms reliable?

They have their limitations, but for the most part, AI chat platforms are reliable. Through machine learning, these platforms can gather vast information about specific and general topics. They then curate their responses based on their databases.

2. Is Janitor AI the best platform for AI sex chat?

Janitor AI is a versatile tool for conversations with well-known characters. But if we’re talking about AI sex chat in general, I’d have to say that platforms like DreamGF,, and pose a greater potential.

3. What are Janitor AI’s copyright guidelines?

Janitor AI complies with the copyright laws of the US and encourages its users to report infringers. They will then review the matter, have the material removed from the platform, and restrict the user from accessing the AI sex chat tool again.

4. Does using different LLM affect the personality of characters?

No, the character’s personality only depends on the prompts you input. Different LLMs only affect the linguistic abilities under the same personality, such as whether the character can understand your input text well, provide corresponding responses, and remember a certain amount of information.

Janitor AI: The Tool for Having a Discreet Talk with Your Favorite Character

For all alternatives to, is undoubtedly one of the best. It offers a massive range of characters that is hard to compete by other products. Currently, it also provides its own developed large language model for you to choose from, without charging any fees. These two points alone significantly surpass other competitors in the market.