Face Swapper: Features, Pricing, Alternatives and More

Give your photos and videos a fun twist with FaceSwapper.ai. It’s an easy tool that lets you change faces in a snap, perfect for anyone looking to spice up their social media or just have some fun.

Curious about Face Swapper? Continue reading to discover its key features, how much it costs, and what other options you might consider.

What Is Face Swapper?

face swapper homepage

Face Swapper is an innovative online platform powered by artificial intelligence, designed for easy face swapping in photos and videos. This tool stands out for its ability to automatically and seamlessly integrate faces, making it perfect for creating entertaining content, personalizing your images, or experimenting with creative ideas. Its simplicity and efficiency cater to a wide audience, ranging from those who enjoy crafting unique social media posts to professionals seeking to enhance their digital creations.

Key Features:

  • Face Swap allows for straightforward swapping of faces between images.
  • Animated Face Swap introduces motion to swaps, perfect for GIFs, adding a dynamic twist.
  • Magic Avatarly generates new avatars based on the input photo, ideal for creating unique online personas
  • Face Cutter simplifies the process of isolating faces from photos, making it easier to integrate them into different backgrounds or contexts.


  • Visit website to get 6 free credits
  • Sign up to enjoy its free plan (10 credits per day)
  • $29/Y, 199 credits per month
  • $49/Y, 499 credits per month
  • $69/Y, unlimited credits

How to Use Face Swapper for Face Swapping?

Using Face Swapper to swap faces is straightforward and requires just a few clicks. By following the user guide, anyone can achieve impressive deepfake results quickly and effortlessly.

Face Swapping for Photos

  • Step 1: To swap faces using Face Swapper, start by going to their website and selecting “Face Swap” under “More Swapper Tools.”
  • Step 2: Upload your photo (original face) or use Face Swapper sample photos.
  • Step 3: Upload the photo of the face you want to swap with and click “face swap now.” Wait around 15 seconds to see the transformed result.
deepfake image by face swapper

A standout feature of FaceSwapper AI is the “compare” option, which lets users easily see the transformation from the original photo to the final deepfake creation.

Face Swap for GIFs

Creating an animated face swap with FaceSwapper AI essentially involves making a deepfake GIF. The process is quite similar to swapping faces in photos, focusing instead on generating an animated result. Here, we’ll highlight the final deepfake outcome.

Original GIF:

original gif

Deepfake GIF:

deepfake gif by face swapper

Creating a face-swapping GIF might take from 40 seconds to a minute. Additionally, if the original face move fast, the end result could have some issues.

Using Experience for Face Swapper

Now let’s weigh its strengths and challenges. Here’s a snapshot of the pros and cons to consider before using it.

Pros and Cons for Face Swapper

Expanding on the pros, Face Swapper not only offers generous daily credits for new and returning users but also simplifies the face-swapping process with ready-to-use templates, significantly lowering the barrier to entry for beginners. Its unique offering of deepfake GIF creation during the free trial distinguishes it from competitors, providing a taste of premium features without upfront costs.

On the downside, users might find the slower processing times for detailed deepfake GIFs a bit tedious. The lack of support for video deepfakes and multi-face swaps limits creative possibilities. Additionally, glasses or obstructions on the target face can detract from the realism of the final output, requiring users to choose their source images carefully.

Customer Reviews

face swapper review

Face Swapper has garnered mixed reviews on Product Hunt, achieving a score of 3.8 out of 5 based on 12 reviews. Users have praised its sleek design and user-friendly interface, highlighting the ease of navigating its features. However, there are concerns over the quality of deepfake outputs, with some users experiencing difficulties in using the tool effectively.

Alternatives for Face Swapping In 2024

In 2024, there are several alternatives to Face Swapper. Let’s introduce them one by one.

Face Swap for Images

Hugging Face is an excellent alternative for creating deepfake photos. The best part is, you don’t even need to sign up, and it’s completely free to use. Additionally, it offers a new feature: animated photos, which adds an extra element of fun and enjoyment to your experience.

Face Swap for GIFs

You may have already heard of Reface, a highly popular deepfake maker that guarantees loads of fun. Upon signing up, you’ll receive 4 free credits to get started. What sets Reface apart is that it doesn’t just swap faces in GIFs; it can actually turn images into captivating GIFs, often delivering better results than traditional face swaps.

Face Swap for Videos

Deep-Fake.ai stands out as the premier video maker for face swapping, utilizing the latest advancements in deepfake technology. What sets it apart from other face swap websites is its utilization of a self-training model instead of relying on open-source software. This ensures superior quality and accuracy in the face-swapping process.

FAQs about Face Swapper Online Deepfake Website

1.Does Face Swapper Have a Monthly Plan?

Face Swapper offers a monthly subscription, but their annual subscription provides better value. The Starter Plan is priced at $6.99/month for 199 credits, including email support and ad-free usage. For those needing more, the Premium Plan at $9.99/month offers 499 credits, also with email support and no ads. The Advanced Plan tops the offerings at $19.99/month for unlimited credits, ensuring uninterrupted service with the same benefits. These plans cater to different user needs, from casual to heavy usage.

2.Is It Worth Buying a Face Swapper Membership?

It might not be the best idea to opt for the premium plan of Face Swapper. To start, signing up gives you 10 free credits daily, summing up to 300 credits monthly, surpassing the 199 credits offered by the Starter Plan. Additionally, the platform lacks support for video deepfakes and simultaneous multiple face swaps, limiting its functionality. Plus, there are concerns regarding the speed of creating deepfakes and the quality of the final results, which could impact user satisfaction.

However, Face Swapper does offer a daily free trial platform for creating deepfake images and GIFs, which can be a great resource for those looking to experiment with this technology without any cost.

3.Is It Safe to Use Face Swapper Deepfake Service?

Face Swapper’s privacy policy indicates a commitment to user privacy and data protection, outlining measures for handling personal information and use of third-party services. While it employs commercially acceptable security practices, absolute security cannot be guaranteed.

For additional privacy details or any specific concerns, visiting Face Swapper’s official website or reaching out to their support team can provide more comprehensive information and personalized assistance.

4.Does Face Swapper Record My Creation?

Face Swapper ensures user privacy by stating that all images uploaded to their servers are automatically deleted after 6 hours. This policy reflects their commitment to protecting user data and minimizing privacy risks. For more details on their data handling practices, it’s recommended to review their privacy policy directly on their website.


In wrapping up, FaceSwapper.ai stands out as a fun, accessible tool for anyone eager to add a creative touch to their photos and videos. With its straightforward face swapping features, it caters to both entertainment and content creation needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your social media game or just explore the world of deepfakes safely, FaceSwapper.ai offers a blend of simplicity, variety, and safety that’s hard to beat.

Plus, if for deepfake videos, Deep-Fake.ai is a good alternative for Face Swapper.