AI Girlfriend Generator – Ultra Review of DreamGF AI

Of the many ways artificial intelligence has been redefining human connection, the concept of an AI girlfriend seems the most intriguing. I hear about it everywhere, from tech forums to social media. But what is it, really?

In my quest for the answer, I came across DreamGF. This platform promises to help you create a digital companion that transcends algorithms.

More than AI images of girls, it offers a virtual girlfriend designed to fulfill your emotional needs, offer companionship, and ignite conversations that resonate with the user’s interests. At least, that’s what they say. Can they live up to the hype, though? Let’s see.

DreamGF: The Best AI Girlfriend Generator

DreamGF is basically an AI girlfriend simulator where you can craft your ideal virtual girlfriend in just a few clicks. Using cutting-edge AI tech, it lets you conjure up personalized dating profiles that match your desires.

The magic unfolds through dynamic interactions. You can have either a chat-based exchange with your AI girlfriend, or engage in a conversation using your own voice.

As you can imagine, this results in a captivating and immersive experience. Not only does your dream partner come to life, but she also reflects the attributes, personality, and style that you want in a girl.

But how well does DreamGF truly bridge the gap between fantasy and reality? I tried it out to experience the magic myself.

DreamGF’s Best Features

DreamGF boasts an array of features that bring your virtual girlfriend to life. Like many AI girlfriend websites, it lets you customize your virtual GF’s personality, appearance, and interests to your heart’s content.

But DreamGF does more than that.

With this AI girlfriend generator, you can also engage in realistic conversations through text or voice, and watch as she adapts to your preferences.

Here’s a closer look at its features:

  • Customize Your AI GF

With this AI girlfriend generator, you’re not just shaping your dream GF’s appearance. Instead, you’re crafting her entire persona.

Thanks to its impressive level of customization, you can now have the perfect girlfriend. Choose her ethnicity, style, body type, hairdo, hair color, fashion sense, age, and even add tattoos to match your preferences.

It’s like curating your dream partner from scratch, making the experience deeply personal and wonderfully engaging.

Here’s an example of an AI girl I made using DreamGF:

  • Personalized Interactions

Once you’ve created your dream GF, this AI girlfriend generator will then ensure you get a personalized virtual dating experience. You can engage in heartwarming chats and even ask your AI girl to snap photos for you.

Currently, DreamGF is also developing technology that would enable your AI girlfriend to send you videos. This adds an exciting layer of intimacy that will make the entire experience feel real.

The cherry on top? Depending on your subscription, you can have more than one AI girlfriend, each tailored to your unique desires!

  • AI Tinder

Don’t have a clear idea of what you like yet? Not to worry. DreamGF has an AI-powered Tinder-like feature to spice up your digital dating journey.

Once you create an account, you can start swiping left or right on thousands of profiles of AI-generated girls. It’s not just fun; it’s a vital feedback loop that fine-tunes DreamGF’s technology, promising even better matches down the road.

Stick around long enough, and wait for DreamGF to come up with a leaderboard for the most liked AI girls. As a virtual dating adventure with a dash of competition, I doubt anyone could resist exploring this feature.

  • AI Girlfriend Chatbot

Internet romance or not, communication is key to any relationship, and DreamGF raises the bar by harnessing the magic of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

With AI at its core, this AI girlfriend generator crafts conversations that feel strikingly human. Expect your AI girl to spark engaging and meaningful dialogues that lay the foundation for a deep connection.

Imagine having a virtual partner who not only listens but responds with empathy and wit. That’s what you’ll get to enjoy with DreamGF.

Here’s what the chat feature looks like. What do you think I should tell her?

  • Private and Secure

In this digital world we live in, privacy is very important. Fortunately, DreamGF its users’ safety and peace of mind.

If you are wary of venturing into the world of virtual girlfriends, rest assured that this platform has your back. It offers a safe haven where you can explore your sexuality with confidence, without fear of anyone finding out about it.

  • AI Sexting

Taking things a step further is DreamGF’s AI Sexting feature that is as enticing as it is discreet. These sexting bots possess seductive capabilities that push boundaries, resulting in an experience that will shock even the best of us.

Beyond the steamy dialogues, this technology fosters emotional intimacy. It’s like you are long-distance couples seeking connection in the digital realm. The bots know how to ignite passion, even going as far as sharing photos and voice messages in real-time.

DreamGF sets the stage for safe, exciting, and deeply personal exploration of desires. But the best thing about this is that you can try AI sext for free!

  • My Fantasy Fetish

Another exciting feature of this AI girlfriend generator is the My Fantasy Fetish tab. Here, you will have access to more advanced tags that are specific to various fantasy fetishes. This way, you can generate an AI lover that instantly turns you on.

So, whether you’re craving for some lesbo action or feet pics, DreamGF has you covered. In fact, even with a free account, you get to generate up to four images to satisfy your fetish.

  • AI Porn Generator

If you’re ready to take your relationship to the next step, check out DreamGF’s AI porn generator. Through this feature, you can generate AI girlfriend porn images.

Not ready to commit yet? If you don’t have the time to create your own AI girl’s porn images, you can just browse through the website’s vast library of AI-generated porn, absolutely free.

Feast your eyes by browsing through random AI porn images, or you can do it by type/category. Some of the available AI porn categories include Lesbian, Big Boobs, Anal, BDSM, Facial, and Teen 18+.

Still can’t find what you’re craving for? Just click on “Generate more” and DreamGF will show you new AI-generated AI girls in various styles, poses, kinks, and more!

Pros of Using DreamGF AI

  • Helps you easily create your AI girl using tags

  • Experience personalized interactions with your AI gilfriend

  • Learn and explore AI dating with AI Tinder

  • Engage in intelligent chats with AI girls

  • Keeps your data private and secure

  • Lets you try AI sexting with your virtual girlfriend

  • Allows you to explore your fantasy fetish

  • Easily generate AI girlfriend porn

  • Get access to millions fo AI-generated porn

Cons of Using DreamGF AI

  • Takes time to navigate all the features

  • More expensive plans than similar platforms


DreamGF offers a range of subscription plans to cater to various needs and preferences. The Bronze plan, at $9.99 per month, provides a reasonable entry point with 20 girls, 100 extra photos, and 1000 messages.

If you’re looking for a more extensive experience, the Gold subscription at $49.99 monthly stands out as the top recommendation. With 150 girls, 600 extra photos, 10,000 messages, and 4,000 credits, it offers a robust and comprehensive package.

Customizable names and content privacy are also included, ensuring a personalized and discreet experience. It strikes a balance between value and features, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a rich and immersive experience.

Free Trial

DreamGF offers a generous free trial period for users to get a taste of their AI dating platform. This is a great opportunity to explore this AI girlfriend generator’s potential before committing.

Before subscribing, you can create up to two AI girlfriends with customizable personalities. You’ll also have access to four high-quality photos for each girlfriend. However, some image styles remain locked during the trial.

While chatting with your AI girls, you can exchange up to 10 messages with each. Once reached, further interactions will require a subscription.

DreamGF vs Another AI Girlfriend App

Janitor AI is a versatile chatbot creation tool that empowers users to craft personalized conversations with AI-driven characters. With its focus on artificial intelligence, Janitor AI delivers a range of character options, fostering creative and engaging interactions.

Users can design unique chatbots, complete with distinctive personalities and appearances, forming meaningful connections in mere minutes.

What sets Janitor AI apart is its availability for free, making it accessible to all. To engage in conversations, users need API keys from either OpenAI or Kobold AI.

OpenAI offers a $5 grant, while Kobold AI’s service is entirely free. Notably, OpenAI’s API setup is user-friendly, while Kobold AI may require a basic programming understanding to generate the API URL.

How It Compares to DreamGF

DreamGF specializes in creating AI-generated virtual girlfriends, offering extensive customization options for personalities and appearances. It emphasizes intimate interactions, including AI sexting, and prioritizes privacy and security.

DreamGF also provides a free trial with limitations on messages, encouraging users to explore before subscribing. Janitor AI, on the other hand, focuses on versatile chatbot creation for various purposes, promoting creativity in conversations.

While both platforms utilize AI, DreamGF emphasizes crafting virtual partners for companionship, whereas Janitor AI focuses on chatbot creation for personalized conversations and interactions.

Depending on your preferences, both platforms offer engaging and innovative experiences, catering to different aspects of virtual interaction and companionship.

How To Use DreamGF AI

Creating your dream girl with DreamGF is a breeze! Follow these simple steps to bring your ideal AI girlfriend to life:

Step 1: Create an account.

Begin by signing up on the DreamGF platform. You will need an account to start crafting your dream companion.

Step 2: Go to the Dream Girl Builder.

Navigate to the Dream Girl Builder tab, the heart of the AI girlfriend creation process. Click on “Get Started.”

Step 3: Customize your AI girl’s appearance.

Unleash your creativity by customizing your AI girlfriend’s appearance. Choose her ethnicity, style, body type, hairstyle, hair color, clothing, age, and even add tattoos to match your vision.

Step 4: Type in a name for your GF. (For paid users only.)

If you’re a paid user, you can give your AI girlfriend a name to make her even more personal.

Step 5: Pick your girlfriend’s personality.

Select from a range of personalities that resonate with you. Whether you prefer adventurous, intellectual, or charming, there is a personality that fits your ideal companion.

Step 6: Choose her hobbies and interests.

Enhance her character by specifying her hobbies and interests, making her even more relatable to you.

Step 7: Click Generate.

Once you’ve tailored every detail to perfection, hit the “Generate” button. Your dream AI girlfriend will come to life, ready to embark on this virtual adventure with you!

Here is another AI girlfriend I made:

Support and Customer Service

Getting support with DreamGF is a piece of cake! If you’re a paid user, there’s a dedicated Support tab right at your fingertips. But if you find yourself locked out of your account after subscribing, you can reach out to their team through Patreon.

Whether you have questions, need help, or just want to share your experiences, there are multiple avenues to connect with the community and support team. You can find them on popular social platforms like Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Here is the scoop on how DreamGF manages content to keep things smooth and speedy:

For Girlfriends

  • Diamond: They’re here to stay; no deletion.

  • Gold: A three-month grace period.

  • Silver: Hang around for two months.

  • Bronze: Say goodbye after one week.

  • Free: Also one week, so cherish those connections!

For Messages

  • Diamond: Messages are forever buddies.

  • Gold: Three months to keep the conversation alive.

  • Silver: Enjoy them for two months.

  • Bronze: Messages stick around for one month.

  • Free: Just one week, so keep the chats rolling!

Why the cleanup? With the DreamGF community growing rapidly, this helps ensure a smoother experience and keeps things fresh. So, make the most of your connections and keep the conversation going!

DreamGF AI in Action

An AI girlfriend generator can be used for various purposes, depending on the individual and their needs or desires. Here are some scenarios:

  • Companionship and Loneliness: Feeling lonely or isolated? You can use DreamGF to create a virtual companion. Your AI girlfriend can provide a sense of companionship and conversation and is available 24/7.

  • Practice and Social Skills: If you’re not comfortable with social interactions and want to improve your conversational skills, let your AI girlfriend help.

  • Fantasy and Roleplay: You can also use DreamGF for fantasy or roleplay scenarios. Once you create your AI girlfriend, you can engage in scripted or simulated romantic interactions for entertainment or personal gratification.

  • Emotional Support: An AI girlfriend can offer emotional support and provide a listening ear. This means you can express your thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of judgment.


DreamGF offers a captivating journey into the realm of AI-powered virtual dating. With its customizable AI girlfriends, lifelike interactions, and a range of subscription plans to fit every preference, it opens doors to exciting digital companionship.

From sparking connections to sharing fantasies, DreamGF immerses users in a world of possibilities. However, it’s important to keep in mind the content retention policies, which vary based on subscription levels.

So, whether you seek an immersive virtual dating adventure or just want to explore the world of AI companions, DreamGF awaits with open arms, promising innovation and connection in the ever-evolving landscape of digital relationships.