Deep-Fake.AI: Popular Deepfake Nude Image Generator in 2023

Lots of people are searching for a way to change faces in pictures for free. But they usually only find free trial face swap generators, and most of the time, the pictures they make come with watermarks. Today, we’re excited to share a free deepfake generator – that offers two free trials every day without any watermarks on your images.

What Is Deep-Fake.AI

Deep-Fake AI is a popular faceswap tool in 2023. Using cutting-edge AI technology (diffusion model), It provides unmatched accuracy & realism deepfake service, and simple to use interface, making it the best option for newbies or experts looking for trustworthy deepfake AI tool.

Main Features:

  • Deepfake image for funny
  • AI deepfake nude image
  • Face swap in Videos is coming soon


  • Daily free trial offered twice
  • $9.99 for per month
  • $49.9 for 12 month, first subscription up to 50% off

How to Use Deep-Fake.AI Make Deepfake Image

Using Deep-fake AI for face swapping is simple, just follow our easy guide.

Deepfake AI Image

  • Step 1: Visit Deep-Fake AI website, and upload the image

  • Step 2: Add a face you want to swap onto the original image

  • Step 3: Click “Face Swap” and wait for 5-8 seconds to get your deepfake image.

The generation speed surpassed our expectations, taking only 6 seconds to produce outstanding results. This is a significant improvement compared to most face swap generators, which typically require 15-30 seconds or more.

Deepfake Porn AI Image

Deep-Fake AI also supports NSFW content. Therefore, you can make some porn deepfake image.

The generated steps are similar to the above:

  • Step 1: Go to Deep-Fake AI website
  • Step 2: Upload image and add face
  • Step 3: Click “Face Swap” and get your deepfake porn AI image

As you are aware, the majority of AI deepfake solutions don’t allow NSFW content or produce blurry images. Deep-Fake AI is hence excellent.

We have a positive experience with it, so why not compare it to other AI face swapping tools? To get a more fair review.

How Does Deep-Fake AI Compared with Other Face Swap Tools

Name Main Features Free Trial Pricing
Deep-Fake AI – Face swap image (NSFW and SFW)
– Video deepfake is coming soon
– Twice free trials everyday day – $9.99/M
– $49.9/Y
FaceSwapper – Face swap image
– Funny memes and gifs
– 10 credits for sign up – $29 for starter plan
– $49 for premium plan
Pica AI – Face swap
– AI headshot
– More
– 6 credits for sign up – $3.99/Weekly
Deepswap – Face swap for image, gif and video
– Text to image
– Edit
– More
– 2 free credits – $9.99 /M
– $49.9/Y

Deep-Fake AI v.s FaceSwapper

Faceswapper is a deepfake image and GIF creator that allows you to swap faces instantly. It comes with popular face swap presets and additional features for enhanced creativity.

Let’s compare face swap image features. We employ identical images to ensure a clear comparison of the final outcomes.

We have to admit that Deep-Fake AI delivers superior results compared to Faceswapper. Additionally, there are a few points to note:

  • The model takes around 5 seconds to load.
  • It takes 12 seconds to obtain a result which is somewhat unsatisfactory.

The only benefit is that you can try it out with 10 free credits.

Deep-Fake AI v.s Pica AI

Pica AI is not only a deepfake generator, but also is an AI headshot, AI image generator. It will give you 6 credits when you sign up.

Let’s check the final result by Pica AI:

Actually, the end result outperforms Faceswapper, yet we consider Deep-Fake AI to be the best in terms of accuracy in the final product.

Other things about Pica AI:

  • The generation speed ranges from 20-30 seconds, and although it indicates a 10-second wait, it usually takes longer.

  • Pica AI offers unique daily and weekly plans, which sets it apart from other AI tools.

Deep-Fake AI v.s Deepswap

Perhaps you’ve heard about Deepswap. Deepswap is a cool deepke AI website where you can switch faces in photos and videos. It’s easy to use, so you can have fun making funny or amazing swaps in no time!

So how about Deepswap performs:

The results are impressive and can be Re-Create, you can also save the final result and use its edit feature to improve something.

We think Deep-Fake AI is a good substitute for Deepswap. Deep-Fake AI offers two free trials every day, which is an additional benefit, but the quality and speed of the generated results are comparable.

User Experience for Deep-Fake.AI

Deep-Fake AI provides a great experience. Even though it’s new, it performs better than many well-known face swap AI tools. We highly recommend you use this AI tool for deepfake.

The Advantanges of Deep-Fake AI

There are several advantages to using Deep-Fake AI:

  • Free Trials: The service offers multiple free trials daily

  • Speed: You only need to wait for 5-8 seconds to get your deepfake image.

  • Regular Updates: The video feature is coming soon

  • Support nude content and don’t have blur or watermark

  • User-Friendly Interface: It’s designed to be intuitive, making it accessible for users with varying levels of tech expertise.

  • High-Quality Results: The AI produces realistic face swaps that are often indistinguishable from genuine images.

  • Customer Support: They provide reliable customer service to assist users with any issues or questions they may have.

Each of these benefits contributes to why Deep-Fake AI is becoming a preferred choice for those interested in deepfake technology.

The Disadvantages of Deep-Fake AI

While Deep-Fake AI has its advantages, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider:

  • Limited Free Access: Although it offers free trials, extensive use requires payment, which might not be ideal for everyone.

  • New on the Market: As a newer tool, it might not have as robust a community or as many reviews as more established software, making it harder for users to troubleshoot issues or find tips.


To sum it up, is a good deepfake image maker. It’s easy to use, makes great fake images, and lets you try it out for free every day. It’s pretty new but is quickly getting more users and getting better all the time, making it a good choice for creating fake photos.