Artguru: Free Face Swap Online Website for Deepfake

Are you familiar with Artguru? It’s an excellent onlinewebsite that allows you to swap faces, and in 2024, it is regarded as the good option for creating deepfakes. However, if you’re interested in exploring other alternatives, worry not! This comprehensive guide will supply you with all the necessary information.

Let’s delve into the specifics of Artguru, including its key features, pricing, advantages, disadvantages, and also consider some alternative options.

What Is Artguru AI for Face Swapping


Artguru is a free online app that specializes in face swapping. It provides users with the ability to swap faces in images, creating entertaining and sometimes realistic results.

It gained popularity in 2024 as one of the leading choices for creating deepfakes, which are digitally altered videos or images that convincingly replace one person’s face with another. Artguru offers a user-friendly interface and allows users to easily swap faces in their photos or videos, making it a popular choice among those interested in exploring the world of face swapping.


  • Visit websites to get 3 or 5 or 6 credits (always change)
  • Monthly plan: $9.99/M for 1,000 credits
  • Annual plan: $39.9/Y for 12,000 credits

Artguru: Beyond Face Swapping

Artguru is an all-encompassing platform that offers a range of entertaining features. Let’s explore what it provides:

  1. Face Swapping: With Artguru, you can fulfill your dreams of becoming iconic characters like Wonder Woman. Utilize their collection of deepfake templates to easily transform into different personas. The latest update even allows for multi-face swapping, so you can have fun with family and friends.
  2. AI Avatar Creation: Create your own personalized AI avatar with Artguru. Choose from various styles and generate up to 100 unique avatars at once.
  3. AI Headshot Enhancement: Turn ordinary selfies into stunning professional headshots effortlessly. Artguru simplifies the process, making high-quality photo editing accessible to all.
  4. Additional AI Tools: Artguru offers a range of other AI-powered tools such as text-to-image conversion, photo-to-AI art transformation, background removal, photo enhancement, and even a free AI chat feature. These tools exemplify Artguru’s dedication to providing a fun, creative, and user-friendly experience in the realm of digital imagery.


  • Sign up with your email to receive 3 credits per day.
  • Subscribe for $9.99 per month to gain access to 1,000 credits.

How to Make Deepfake Content on Artguru

Here’s a simplified set of instructions for face swapping on Artguru:

Step 1: Access Artguru through its website or by downloading the app on your Android or iOS device. You can sign up using either your Google or Facebook account.

Step 2: Once you’re on Artguru, find and select the face swap option. From there, you can choose a template and add a face, or upload your own image and add a face.

Step 3: Click on “generate” and wait for approximately 20 seconds to obtain your deepfake image. Please note that in the free plan, there might be a queue, which can make the wait longer.


Artguru has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to create deepfake videos. However, this feature is exclusively available for premium members only. To access the deepfake video feature and enjoy its benefits, users will need to upgrade their membership to the premium tier.

artguru pricing

Pros and Cons of Artguru Face Swap


  1. Diverse Features: Artguru offers a wide range of features beyond face swapping, including AI avatars, professional headshot enhancements, and an extensive collection of templates.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both beginners and experienced users alike.
  3. High-Quality Results: Artguru utilizes advanced AI algorithms to ensure that face swaps and other image transformations are of high quality and appear realistic.
  4. Multi-Face Swapping: One standout feature is the ability to swap multiple faces in a single image, making it ideal for group photos or family portraits.
  5. Regular Updates: Artguru frequently updates its features and templates, providing users with fresh and exciting options to experiment with their images.


  1. Limited Free Version: The free version of Artguru may have certain limitations in terms of features and access compared to the paid version.
  2. Waiting Time: Users on the free plan may experience occasional waiting times, especially during peak usage periods. This delay may impact the immediacy of accessing the platform’s features.
  3. Limited Format Support: The free version does not support face swapping in GIFs and videos. Users interested in applying face swaps to these formats may need to explore alternative face swap apps like Deepswap.

Is Artguru Face Swap Free?

No, Artguru Face Swap is not entirely free. The platform offers a daily free trial, but the availability and number of free credits may vary. Sometimes, the free trial allows users to access 5 free credits per day, while other times it may offer 3 free credits per day. However, it’s important to note that these free credits can only be used for deepfake photos and not for deepfake videos. To access the deepfake video feature, users would need to upgrade to a premium membership.

Discovering Other Free Online Face Swapping Options

Exploring the realm of free online face swapping tools reveals a variety of options, each with its unique strengths and offerings. result

Deep-Fake.AI is a top choice among users because of its user-friendly interface and accurate deepfake creation. Its simplicity and quality make it a personal favorite for many.

This platform excels in handling complex face swaps without compromising the integrity of the original photo. Its AI algorithms are designed to produce realistic transformations, making it perfect for those who value authenticity in their creations.

2.Hugging Face

This website offers a completely free face swap service online. In fact, it even provides a demo of its deepfake software, allowing users to try face swaps for photos on the demo page. However, please note that the final deepfake result may take a few seconds to generate.


Reface is a top choice for meme creators as it offers a wide range of meme templates and is incredibly user-friendly. It’s particularly popular for its ability to quickly create funny and shareable content by swapping faces into well-known movie scenes, iconic characters, and popular memes.

With its intuitive interface and speedy processing, Reface is the go-to option for injecting humor into social media feeds.


In conclusion, Artguru stands out as a leading choice for free online face swapping in 2024, known for its ease of use and quality. And, hugging Face, Reface are good alternative to Artguru.

Whether you’re a professional or just exploring for fun, the world of face swapping has plenty to offer. So, go ahead and find the tool that best suits your creative needs!