An AI Nudifier with Not-So-Intelligent Algorithm is supposed to be an AI deepnude tool that allows users to quickly undress the person on image by simply uploading the picture and clicking a button. However, even in the free trial mode it fails to undress the picture while succeeding in transforming the person’s body into a goo of distorted boob. Wouldn’t recommend trying or paying for a subscription.

⭐ Pricing: 8

  • Free + Weekly + Monthly
  • Free accounts can generate 5 photos with watermark “FAKE”, and get limited access to future new features, plus the chance to watch ads. Additional 10 free images will be available if users share the website link to their social media network.
  • $9.99 weekly plan and $19.99 monthly plan give users unlimited generated results and access to new features, without watermarks or ads.

⭐ Powerful features: 6

  • Upload a photo and the deepnude AI will do the trick.
  • Insufficient versatility in the deepnude selections. You cannot choose which part of the garments to undress.

⭐ Generating speed: 7

20s for free accounts. It’s alright

⭐ User experience: 0

  • The deepnude results are simply horrible. The body only has distorted boobs and it doesn’t even take the shape of a human. More like The Thing from the horror movie The Thing.
  • Not sure if it’s because of the free account. But if the results of this AI nudifier’s algorithm under unpaid version is of this low quality, I’m not sure anybody would have to courage to jump ahead and pay for a subscription.

⭐ Popularity: 7

  • 1.3M visitors per month. Which is outrageous given the poor nudify results…

Try (maybe not)