Swapsurprise: Free Trial Face Swapping for Fun

Swapsurprise AI is a new face swapping website with a free trial. There are over 200 preset face templates with different styles such as artistry, fantasy, fashion, sports, and more. You can choose a style using filters.

⭐ Pricing: 6.5

  • Free trial: Sign up to receive 10 credits and limited access to preset templates.
  • Mini Pack: $5.5 for 100 swaps and 5 HD downloads without watermarks.
  • Midi Pack: $9.9 for 300 swaps and 20 HD downloads without watermarks.
  • Maxi Pack: $20.9 for 1,000 swaps and 50 HD downloads without watermarks.

⭐ Powerful features: 6.0

  • Inconvenient sign-up method: You can only sign up via email and then enter a code to log in.
  • Template Availability: The platform offers 23 free preset templates and over 200 paid templates.
  • Random swap: If you’re unsure which original face template to choose, you can opt for a random swap.
  • Limited face swap features: The platform does not support uploading original face images and does not offer face swaps for GIFs or videos.

⭐ Generating speed: 6.5

  • It takes some time to upload the target face image, and then you need to wait approximately 7 seconds to receive the final result.

⭐ User experience: 6.0

  • There are many beautiful preset templates available.
  • The final result has a watermark.
  • The free trial is limited, as many preset templates can only be accessed by premium members.
  • Signing up grants you 10 credits, but it seems like there is no real benefit as you can only access the free templates.
  • There is no filter for free templates, so if you select a style template, you will need to spend time searching for the free ones.

⭐ Popularity: 5.0

  • Swapsurprise is a new face swap website that only receives 100+ visitors per month.

Total Score: 6.0

  • ⭐ Pricing: 6.5
  • ⭐ Powerdul features: 6.0
  • ⭐ Generating speed: 6.5
  • ⭐ User experience: 6.0
  • ⭐ Popularity: 5.0