Icons8 FaceSwapper: AI Deepfake Generator with High Resolution

Icons8 Face Swapper provides an accessible platform for realistic face swapping and creative deepfake creations. Unfortunately, it only supports deepfake image creations.

⭐ Pricing: 7

  • Free Trial + Monthly/Yearly Subscription
  • Userc can register an account and start a 3-day free trial before paying for a subscription. Note that the free trial ONLY comes with the Yearly Subscription package.
  • Monthly subscription costs $19 with unlimited swaps and generation storage of 60 days.
  • Yearly subscription is $8.25/month and billed for a whole year altogether.

⭐ Powerful features: 7

  • Replace several faces in the same photo at once.
  • Other features: enhance image resolution, remove background
  • High resolution: 1024px
  • API service available

⭐ Generating speed: 8

  • 5-10s. Not bad!

⭐ User experience: 7

  • Free trial only comes with the Yearly Subscription. Meaning, don’t forget to unsubscribe from the AI face swap tool before your free trial ends, or you’ll be charged $99 for the whole year’s subscription.
  • The generated result works quite ok. Faces blend in naturally, but sometimes the generated faces look a bit like they’re applied a rather think layer of foundation or a filter.
  • Sadly, Face Swapper only supports face swaps in photos. So if you’re trying to generate deepfake porn from a video, this platform will disappoint you.

Easy steps, impressive results, but limited format options (only videos supported), and deepfakes generated using public materials cannot be downloaded.

⭐ Popularity: 6

  • Icons8 has experienced a dramatically traffic drop since August from 2M to less than 600k monthly.

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